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The latest evolution in pre rig truss design​!

Litec’s PR60 Revolution is the most innovative and revolutionary solution for carrying moving lights mounted on pre-rig truss. Specifically designed for Touring purposes this special truss is designed without bracing on the underside, which allows moving or fixed lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged inside the truss before arriving at the venue. Contrary to standard truss, the PR60 Revolution allows one person to mount moving light fixtures by themselves. Once the skate carriages are mounted on the moving lights, they can easily slide into the truss along two “C” profiles, which act as rails. A set of steel pins secure the lights into almost any position along the length of the truss! Use of bulky flight cases is no longer necessary, and consequently, transport space is dramatically reduced. But more importantly, lighting set-up/breakdown is faster and more efficient at the venue, since everything is already loaded up and ready to go. Litec’s PR60 “pre-rig truss” Revolution, and its dedicated line of accessories, allow for the permanent attachment, storage and transportation of a wide range of lighting equipment. Each pre-rig “dolly” comes with foldable and height adjustable legs, together with caster frames, for easy transport and manoeuvrability during load in/out operations. To decrease storage space, dollies can be stacked on top of each other.

We are showcasing this product at PLASA SHOW!